The Metaliterate Learner diagram holds the metaliterate learner at the centerpiece to this approach of learning. The next layer displays learning objectives which help the learner further him/herself in what ever environment, these are basically ways in which we learn. and the last ring displays how information is conveyed, collaborated on, learned, or shared pretty much any possible way to learn. In this approach the learner is the author and reader making educated contributions to “scholarly conversations.” 

Technology has influenced the way we learn drastically over the past 50 years making the college experience infused with URLs. Students today study using the internet then they ever have before, in fact New York has a general education requirement that mandates an information literacy class be taken. Many universities are embracing using the internet for homework assignments, relaying information, posting lecture slides along with other things. Personally I enjoy this new method because as long as the user is somewhat technologically suave they can navigate webpages to find any information they desire. However returning students or even students that are not technically sound have severe issues with this new tech way of submitting homework or finding reliable information that isn’t based off yahoo answers.

If someone were to ask if students are better off now or back 50 yrs ago? I would have to say that this is a two edged sword because todays students have endless information just a few clicks away, with this being said many universities have exponentially growing expectations. So as new things are discovered the course outlines are forever increasing. Although it is a lot easier to just go onto google type in a keyword/phrase and get endless hits relating to the topic instead of spending hours in a library scanning books to find that one quote needed to finish your term paper. 








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