Libraries in crisis

  One aspect of the Metacognitive dimension of metaliteracy which I would like to comment on would be “libraries in crisis.” Char booth comments on this crisis in three different ways as trends which are destruction, decline and displacement. She starts off by stating why libraries are the usually targeted by terrorist factions or by invaders and this is due to the reason that libraries hold a civilizations cultural history within them. So this is no surprise that during an invasion the conquerer would want to destroy existing ideologies and replace them with ideas of their own. She states a couple examples such as burning of books and bombings which have taken place in the past. Afterwards she moves onto decline which is basically societies not having enough money to manage and run public libraries whether it be budget, loss of need or management. Then she moves onto displacement, the moving away from public libraries to the digital age or using the internet instead of books. This is no surprise to me since we are termed the digital age and in some minds using books is a way of the past because the internet is so much easier and faster to navigate. Through the internet it is possible to get thousands of hits with one keyword whereas in libraries finding the information you specifically want could take hours. 

After a brief rundown of her views of why libraries are in crisis she defines library and the most recent definition is a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to. Now just with this definition libraries seem out of date. In my opinion according to this definition everything a library is can be found on the interent just as easily if not faster and more efficient. It is no wonder why libraries are in crisis. 

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