I thought that the  3rd grade children of Roberts elementary school invented a revolutionary way to learn about other cultures and a great way to get rid of cultural misconceptions. I thought that many of their misconceptions about people from the middle east were spot on and I believe that most of their misconceptions even though they are young are shared by thousands of other adults. Even if the misconception is something small like snow in the middle east or they aren’t muslims they are ninjas, which was a pretty funny comment but just shows you how off our ideologies are when we are that young and imaginative. Finding false information or biased information on the internet is not uncommon since there are most likely over a million fake webpages or webpages that are biased.  This is a problem when a little child who does not know how to check sources reads information about middle eastern traditions and develops a skewed view of how people of the middle east operate. The problem doesn’t start and stop with the children, but Im sure if you asked an adult to find a reliable web page they might pull up wikipedia or use google who’s search engine is based upon your viewing history, who paid the most for positioning, youtube history, Netflix viewing history and whatever link is trending. For this reason alone finding reliable information through a google search can be some what of an undertaking.

I think it is a great undertaking to use the technology that we have and teach new minds how to find information. Being media literarte isnt just about finding information and comprehending it but becoming smart publishers of the information we do find. So by starting at such a young age as the 3rd graders did we are creating a whole new generation of smart publishers. 


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